RSTECH Pricing 2014





Dyno All Motor Induction S300                    $450               

Dyno Tune Forced Induction S300                $550               

Dyno TuneNeptuneRTP                               $550               

Dyno Tune All Motor Kpro                            $450               

Dyno Tune Forced Induction Kpro                $550               

Dyno Tune All Motor FlashPro                     $450               

Dyno Tune Forced Induction FlashPro          $550               

Dyno Tune All Motor AEM System              $500+             

Dyno Tune Forced Induction AEM System  $600+             



Etune Kpro or FlashPro                                  $150


Track Fine Tuning, Boost, Ect                        $50+



When making a tuning appointment make sure your car is ready to be tunes to its potential. No engine lights. Make sure fuels system is in working order all vacuum lines and couplers tight. A well maintained car / engine will allow us to tune it to its full potential. If you have any problems with the car that need to be addressed before the tune, please let us know well in advance, these problems may or may not be able to be fixed during the tuning session and a separate appointment may need to be made.

General Labor                                                 $55 Per Hour